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We offer uniquely personalised interior design services for each of our clients, creating a functional and attractive environment that is beneficial to your quality of life. From help with interiors on a new home purchases, construction or home remodelling to home staging to help sell your home our design consultation services are packaged according to your needs, with a selection of options to fit your schedule and budget.

We work with homeowners, landlords, property developers and property management companies across London, the UK and abroad. We have a network of skilled suppliers including fine artisan artists, such as muralists and custom furniture makers, to create timeless designs, customised art works and furnishings for our clients. We also source high quality, eco-friendly materials from a range of trusted resources and suppliers from across the globe.


Unlike interior styling, interior renovation is the complete overhaul of someone’s home that we carry out on all of our projects. We make sure that all projects are meticulously planned and executed. It is so important in any renovation that you have a clear time plan and fixed budget. Many projects can be very complicated and it is vital that you plan accordingly. Interior renovation projects require a high level of experience, technical know-how, and coordination to be successful.


The main reason for many interior design projects is the need for renovation or refurbishment for new or existing residential property owners. It is remarkable how a home renovation project can help redefine a residence and make it a much more practical and enjoyable place to live in. From a simple refurbishment to a complete architectural restructure of the space we can help your vision come to light.


In the case of commercial projects, renovations of offices and other commercial & industrial spaces can help with productivity levels. They often also address more practical problems by creating additional or alternative work spaces better suited for their professional use.

Renovation work carried out by Callender Howorth features a mix of alterations and building repairs. From the conceptualisation and design of new staircases to bespoke fitted kitchens, wardrobes, playrooms, hardwood floors and the best window shutters, everything will be covered to specification.


A carefully thought out process of planning, costing, engineering, repairing, rebuilding, and finishing will be applied to your refurbishment project. We select and coordinate the team of designers and tradesmen who will deliver the interior renovation to completion, managing the tendering and procurement process to ensure maximum value, highest quality materials, and exemplary craftsmanship.

We project manage all building construction, oversee the production of any custom furniture, including fittings and specialist suppliers. All suppliers and independent contractors are closely monitored with regular site visits and quality checks at every stage of the renovation process. You will be regularly informed of progress and key project milestones. Full transparency and accountability are at the heart of our high-end refurbishment work.

Fishbone have the skills and experience to turn your vision into reality, on time and on budget. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Our design process from start to finish


    Everything starts with a free consultation, where we discuss your project and its potential. This initial meeting enables us to form an understanding of your vision and aspirations. Being experienced professionals, we know what questions need to be clarified about your unique needs, personal preferences, tastes and any other important design aspects. Following this meeting, we will develop the scope of work with a fee proposal.


    Once we have all information in place, our team creates a CAD drawing of the existing site and merges ideas together to make sure the final design concept reflects your unique personality, lifestyle, and needs.
    Our design concept consists of schematic design, layout proposals, and colour and material schemes. We like to prepare a variety of visual content for our clients, including inspirational mood, material boards, sketches, and 3D computer-generated images.


    Once the design concept is developed and approved, we move to a more detailed design stage. Here, our team accurately develops every element of your project. We create technical drawing packages detailing specific aspects such as lighting, electrics, and construction. Moving forward, we specify and develop schedules for materials, finishes, fixtures, fittings, and equipment.


    Once all of the elements from the design process are approved, we organise purchasing, deliveries, and installation. Having built an extensive network of trusted suppliers, we can source and supply various wallpapers, furniture, floor finishes, and other components of the design. Our in-house bespoke joinery team can create high-quality custom bedroom furniture, kitchens, bathrooms and dressing rooms at competitive prices. Rest assured, we always negotiate on your behalf for the best prices.


    Good project coordination is the key to a successful project and delivery, whether residential or commercial. We believe our customer’s positive experience is a vital part of that success. We regularly visit the site and communicate with the team to address any problems and deal with them quickly and efficiently. Our focus on detail ensures a high-quality finish for all of our projects, to avoid any disturbances along the way and journey.


    Once all work is done and you are happy with the completed project, you will receive a personalised document with maintenance instructions, contact information for relevant services and suppliers, and all their warranties. We are confident in the quality of our work; therefore, we offer a 12-month warranty for every project. We pride ourselves to be a service which doesn’t stop from the building or designing process, we care for our clients, therefore we will be able to assist.

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